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Alex Sim-Wise Goes Cosplay! Tokyo Cosplay Girls! Tokyo’s Cosplay Cafes!

Alex Sim-Wise Goes Cosplaying!

Time for more great adventures with Alex Sim-Wise, the intrepid and fearless Host who got off the plane in Tokyo and dove right into the deep end of fun!

Tokyo Lights Up!

tokyo night lights

Tokyo feels like the brightest city in the world! With so many lights, you have to assume there is plenty going at night – and as I’ve shown you in other posts, that is more than true!

Tokyo looks in many way like the most electric city in the world! There are so many different neighborhoods to explore, and if you haven’t read my post about the Golden Gai bar district, just go to the main page and search either “Alex Sim-Wise” or “Golden Gai” to see that story…Golden Gai is in the Shinjuku district, and now we head to the Akihabara district to explore their Cosplay cafes…

Introducing Tokyo’s Cosplay Cafes!

Cosplay restaurants are theme restaurants and pubs that originated in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan around the year 1999. They include maid cafés and butler cafés, where the service staff dress as elegant maids, or as butlers.

Alex Shooting With Takeshi

Of course, this intrigued us, and Alex was, of course, willing to don her Cosplay outfit to check out this unique area of Tokyo. We had Takeshi, our local cameraman with us – he is always terrific to work with…and it was the great team of Vinny Rutherford, Kristen Wheeler and Corrado Caretto – more shots of them to come…

According to wikipedia, the service at cosplay cafés involve the creation of a different atmosphere than a normal restaurant. The staff treat the customers as masters and mistresses in a private home rather than merely as café customers. Well, hard to argue with that!

Alex Meets Some Fellow Cosplayers!

Our great Tokyo Producer Nick arranged for two cosplayers to meet us in the district and talk to Alex about the world of cosplay…

These two young women were really fun to film with – and very polite and quiet. The language barrier has something to do with that, but in general the people we met in Tokyo were all very polite and quiet in their demeanor…here is some behind-the-scenes footage of Producer Corrado talking to everyone about the shoot, and then pointing to to all of us the unqiue contact lenses being worn by the young woman…

Nick arranged for us to have time to film in the neighborhood for a half hour…time for Corrado to get many different shots of the trio wandering the streets of Tokyo…

Here is some behind-the-scenes footage of Corrado directing Alex and the young women…

After we filmed on the street, a smaller group went upstairs into the cosplay cafe to film…I didn’t go along on this shoot as the space was very tight, and we didn’t want to disrupt the cafe’s customers…

But of course, at the end of filming we all got together to capture the day’s filming, and the team behind the shoot…

And special thanks to our young Cosplayers, who spent an hour with us showing us a unique aspect of life in Tokyo…and what a good looking team! There’s Vinny, the Executive Producer wedged in there, as well as Nick…I had to take the picture…

Alex and Rachel Blue Hair Make A Cosplay Friend!

Of course, later that night Alex went out with her friend Rachel Irving for more Cosplay adventures – like I said, Alex embraced all that Tokyo had to offer!

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