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How Social Media Helped Me Run For 3 and 1/2 Hours

I had plans of running 26.2 miles on my own this Sunday but the fact I had ran over 6 miles only once, and that had a 20 minute break in the middle, made some people concerned. I told my plans on Twitter and @nicholasdesalvo mentioned that I needed to run at least 10 miles to know what it was like. He said there could be problems.

So I hit the gym at 5pm realizing I should have gotten there sooner. If I was someone who could attempt to run a marathon with little training why not just do it today if I felt like good enough? I decided if Ifelt good when I hit 10 miles I would go for it.

The run started fine, the playoffs began and I ran. A friend showed up and ran next to me even though I didn’t think running and talking was good for me it helped the time go by. He left and I was back to the game and my music. Two hours and just under 10 miles rolled by and I posted on Facebook that I had ran from two straight hours. I was pumped.

15 minutes later I wanted to quit. I felt tired and pain was setting in. But how could I quit so quickly when I had just posted that? I pulled up my phone and checked it finding the messages, “You rock!”, “Keep going!”; I did.

I intermittently checked my phone and posted messages which was easier than you imagine. It kept me going with all of the words of encouragement. Two hours and 45 minutes came by and I took a blurry photo of me on the treadmill. At three hours I wanted to quit so badly. My hips hurt, I had a strange twinge on the back of knee, and I was just mentally done. I just kept thinking of the pain which obviously was a mistake.

As I had done every time I thought of quitting I opened my phone to find a message. This time there was one from @DrGhaheri saying “feel the burn.” I don’t think he and I had talked directly more than once or twice but that message truly kept me from quitting, gave me a little extra. Then more messages started to pop up on Facebook, friends being envious, others calling me crazy, but all just booster shots to my resolve.

The last thirty minutes took forever and if it wasn’t for my social media friends I probably wouldn’t have made it past two hours. And if the gym was open until 10p instead of 9p I might have tried to run more but I probably lucked out there.

What is the ROI of social media? What is the ROI of your friends. I will forever remember running 3 and half hours for the first time and how I got through it and I will remember the people who ran besides me virtually.

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