Final Critique_Shoichiro Hashimoto&Benedikt Kowalewski_Steps

We propose to remodel the whole riverbank with a multifunctional greenbelt. The greenbelt contians agricultural uses, so called „Kebuns“ and a protective belt out of trees, recreation areas with gathering, market areas and large open green spaces as flood cache. Right behind the greenbelt the stepped block structure starts; first with a high step to disconnect the very low riverbank from the urban space and avoid building on the riverbank due to its frequent flooding. Different steps in the topography define different floodlevels and allow the sewage system to work just with gravity. New central roads now can be accessed by cars in case of emergency. The new units can be easily integrated to the existing building structure due to their flexibility, also be separated into small and autonomous pieces. We see our project as a process starting with a big infrastructure intervention, the clearing of the riverbank and a few units which number increases over time.