Haussmann&Russnaik_Midterm Review

Our main aim in the kampung scale, was to find given qualities of the Ciliwung river and its various edge situations and to redesign them to deal with the flooding in a better way, but also to bring the life and the people to the river. Our Intervention area is only in the places where there is flooding. To free some space along the riveredges we needed to densify the the built structure. Our main densification area is set along the urban edge of the river, the steep edge, where people are the closest to the river. The flat riveredge fills up with water to create a flooding pond during rainy season. This land is used as agricultural land or as community gardens. We found that there were various riveredge situations. The steep edge needs fortification, wich can be provided by strong trees or by a staircase system supporting the ground. The flat side, that is mostly the lower side, needs more space between built structure and water. This is solved by using the flat river edge as agricultural land, or gardens. Another main intention was to connect the separated riversides by building bridges. To keep as much of the kampung life, we set them in places with are now used as river crossings. The bridges are connected by public buildings high enough to stand the river and to serve as landmarks for orientation.  Along the whole river edge we intend to have a path.