Final Critique_Olivier Roth_Michael Dietrich_Made in Kampung Melayu

The River shall become a source of economic and physical wellbeing for the inhabitants of Kampung. On its Riverbank, a terraced agricultural belt containing productive tree plantations will be developed. The steps will in case of flooding provide a water retention area for the Kampung. The area of the old train depot will be activated as a craft and trade hub. The depot will be converted into a cargo station. The built fabric will be reorganized in new sub blocks based on the current structure. This allows an incremental implementation and at the same time maintains the character of the Kampung. One building consists of up to three units whereas the unit will have two floors. The lower levels of flood endangered buildings will be made out of concrete or bricks. The upper floors will have a bamboo framework structure. The inhabitants will be asked to take part and can fill in the empty structures themselves.