Final Critique_Nahalie Ender_Irene Urso_Framing the Ciliwung

The traffic axes appear to be the lifelines of the kampong. The river instead is mostly used as a trash disposal and is treated more as the backside of the Kampung. The goal is to merge the qualities of these two components and to give the river a new importance. We used these main traffic axes to frame the Kampung and define a new riverbed area of the Ciliwung. We implemented new high density units along the main traffic axes which should act as an entry gate for the Kampong behind. Due to a new secondary road system the structure should spread out towards the river and attract the people and their life activities to follow this movement. At the same time the river should deal in a similar way and the river landscape should grow into the Kampung and form a connection with the urban fabric. Our main intervention on the Ciliwung is to widen it and activate the river as a public transport system for the inhabitants. In the lower regions we step back with our units and want to create a continuous public open space along the river with green areas, steps and piazzas with sitting facilities. In the higher parts of the kampung we want to push the urbanity close to the river, which only opens up in small green pockets and we created a small pathway along the river which is bordered by a retaining wall.