Mari Saetre&Vera Schmidt_Midterm Review_Towards Kampung Melayu

The Hub Bukit Duri around the train station is connected to the Kampung with system of little ferries on the river. Different docking places along the Ciliwung transport people and goods whereas every second is only for goods especially garbage that is collected and recycled next to the station. Along the river there is a green belt that consists of public park strips or agricultural terraces that local people can use as productive gardens or farm fish in little ponds. The greenis interrupted by the docking places that also mark local centers of the housing blocks  with a mosque and public space for recreation, markets and other community activities of the inhabitants can take place. The new river profile is widened in order to provide a higher water capacity during the flooding season. A narrower inner canal and a system of weirs allows the barges to operate also during dry periods and at places where the water would be too shallow.