Vladimir Dianiska, Anna Gebhardt, Basil Witt_Midterm Review_River Niches

Our project takes the Ciliwung river as the vital link which runs through the city of Jakarta and connects its districts. The river will not only connect the people but also serve as an economical driver. The Kampung scale is defined through an alternating series of urban „pocket“ spaces and green zones along the riveredge. The „pockets“ host a new building typology on stilts which allows the water to flow underneath it, thus giving the river more space. The riverbed gets widened as a result of our interventions and has a controlled water level for the transport. The housing on dry ground is conceived as a terraced system connected with stairs. Basically an artificial hill. The idea is to build within the existing stock only replacing buildings which are in bad shape. The implemented new structures are a basic framework and can be taken into possession by the inhabitants in various ways.