Bettina Dobler&Melanie Ziegler_Midterm Review_Junction of public life

Our interventions are located in the most flooded areas of the kampung melayu. we create new junctions next to the existing main roads which are connected across a large roofsystem. the new roofstructure allowes public life even during the flood season and gives the dense kampung a wide recreaction zone. The streets extend to an open space, wherever our new structure reaches the river front. Here the recreation zone from the roof landspace touches the ground. The riverbank in front of the public places are treated in a strong way. The hard river edge is stepped and generate different spaces with divers functions. Some areas at the river are more private with gardens just for the inhabitants. Here the river bank has a clear edge with the embankment. At some river side the housing zones move back more and give space for a forest garden, that reduce the influence of the flood and helps the river to regenerate.