David Kretz & Vladimir Dianiska_first review

The concept for the section evolved directly from our terraced unit. The terraces were extended and used as a an artificial topography creating different situations to meet, to sell local products or just enjoying the river scenery on different levels. Establishing versatile visual conjunctions was a very important issue for the concept. On the right side the section is more urban with integrated small shops inside the volume of the terrace system. On the lower levels these shops can be directly tied to the use of the river. Fish and water related agricultural products can be sold here. On the left side of the section a series of terraced gardens are leading down to the river. The soil is stabilized through brick or concrete walls and the vegetation of the gardens. The walls lineary run along the river serving as flood breakers and pathways. The accessibility of the river is on both sides guaranteed through a simple wooden footbridge structure. Here we wanted to make the river less deep so artificial fish ponds can be installed.

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