David Kretz & Vladimir Dianiska_Block

The organisation of the block is characterized through an orthogonal grid based on the messurements of the unit. The grid is 2.7m in square with small internal streets of 1.35m width. An important aspect was to preserve the feeling and atmosphere of the original block system by evolving its organisational structure. An important inspiration was the competition entry for a housing estate in Previ, Lima by Atelier 5 as well as the Siedlung Halen near Bern. Both projects operate on small scale level creating high densities and a variety of high quality outdoor spaces. In both projects the preservation of a human scale in architecture was essential. Even when the unit operates autonomous in term of water supply and grey water treatment, on block level we did organise communal water ponds for rain water collection. Through a drainage system these ponds further water the gardens. The composting toilets serve as sanitary installations for the bigger block.

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