Bettina Dobler & Melanie Ziegler_first review

We analysed the streets and existing open spaces in our block and based on that research we divided the whole area into smaller subblocks. Every subblock works for his own and has its own water supply and recycling system. All the roofs of one subblock collect the rainwater. The water tank is integrated into an open green space. The access to the tank is ensured during the flood season too, because there is a platform above the normal flood level. On that platform also the public allday life can happen. We have two different circulations which allow that the normal life can go on during the flood season. The different public spaces of every subblock are connected trough the roof path. The second circulation is for the inhabitants. Because the balcony levels are linked to each other. The people have always a safe way up to the roof and to the higher dry land.