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Architectures of Gender III – body_building

We are continuing the “architectures of gender” seminar series, focusing on the issue of technologies and denaturalizations in relation to the (un)building of bodies this spring semester (2019).
The body as ontology, epistemology, and representation has long provided a model for architecture. Architecture, in turn, has contributed to the construction of the human body, especially in the modern era – for example, through techniques of measuring, norms and standards. How does this relationship change today, as the boundaries between human body and technology increasingly blur, and the presumed integrity of the body becomes subject to debate and alteration? […]

Call for Abstracts: The International Archive of Women in Architecture Center // 2019 IAWA Symposium – March 20­-22, 2019

The International Archive of Women in Architecture Center School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 2019 IAWA Symposium – March 20­-22, 2019   Expanding the ‘Archive’. Latent […]

Care Work: Swiss Women’s Strike – 1991/2019 in Swiss newspaper WOZ, 20.09.2018

WOZ, Nr. 38/2018 vom 20.09.2018 FRAUENSTREIK «Wir haben schon entschieden: Der Streik wird stattfinden» 1991 streikten in der Schweiz die Frauen. 2019 werden sie es wieder tun. Hunderte von Frauen […]

Architectures of Gender II – Care Work

We are continuing the “architectures of gender” seminar series, focusing on the issue of care work this fall semester (2018). Care work is at once omnipresent and invisible. It encompasses […]

Prix français des femmes architectes (article en français)

Ce prix a été fondé en 2013 par l’Association pour la recherche sur la ville et l’habitat (ARVHA) et dirigé par Catherine Guyot afin de mettre en avant le travail […]

03.11.2017 @ 11h44

This is the time where women stop being paid considering the gender pay gap between men and women. Mad&Woman Agency, Paris The gender pay gap is a real issue in […]

The French Prize of Women Architects 2017

ARVHA, Association for Research about City and Housing, launches in 2017 the 5th edition of The Prize of Women Architects with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of Family, childhood, and women’s Rights, the city of Paris and the National council of the Order of Architects.


Michelle Obama at AIA Conference on Architecture

The former First Lady was a guest at the AIA Conference on Architecture in April. But what did she have to say at the annual conference of the American Institute […]

Angela Deuber wins “Architekturpreis Beton 2017”

Since 1977, the “Architekturpreis Beton” has been awarded every four years. The competition promotes outstanding work with concrete and, for more than four decades, has occupied a special place in […]

#MeToo – The Importance of Language

Women all over the world started to share their personal stories of sexual harassment under the hashtag #MeToo. These posts blew up over social media sites after US producer Harvey […]

Love has no Labels

  Love has no gender – Love has no race – Love has no disability – Love has no age – Love has no Religion _Before anything else, we are […]

Women’s exhibitions as in the German Architecture Museum are well-intentioned, but in the end the new ghetto

Architects are rarely professors and are hardly exhibited in museums. The museum in Frankfurt am Main wants to end the exclusion and of all things organises a  show only with […]

ETH and Gender: Action Plan, Monitoring, Equal Reports and Women

In 2014 a Gender Action Plan has been adopted by the ETH Zurich explaining how it aims to achieve a gender balance, what actors are involved and who is in […]

Too many men on Swiss boards

Investor Hildebrand relies on female bosses The largest asset manager in the world votes against administrative boards – because they are men. This will force companies to be more diverse. […]

A woman with a headscarf and dark sunglasses showing the peace sign is sitting in a car.

Gender Equality: Saudi Arabia allows women to drive

The Kingdom is the last country in the world where woman are not allowed to drive a car. This is about to change. As from the middle of next year, […]

"Studierende" or "Studentinnen und Studenten" in a full lecture hall.


Anyone who still speaks of “Studentinnen und Studenten” at German universities stands under suspicion of discrimination. But whether or not discrimination is prevented by using “Studierende” is a different matter. […]

Women protest in Pissoirs

Out of protest dozens of Dutch women have symbolically taken possession of urinals on Saturday. Recently a Dutch woman got fined because of peeing in a public street in Amsterdam […]