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Utopia and Heterotopia

In relation to the text “Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias” by Michel Foucault. Utopia comes from Greek “Ou” – no and “Topos” – place Utopias are arrangements, which have no real space and that have a general relationship of direct or inverse analogy with the real space of society. They represent society itself brought […]

The Closet

The Empty Closet, Genessee Valley, New York, 1971, Collections of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History > to be in the closet: do hide one’s homosexuality > get out of the closet: to disclose one’s homosexuality > ante-closet: space before the closet, the space where one selects clothes; space for changing –  an effect […]


Judith Butler developed the notion of performativity in “Gender Trouble” and noted that, “the view that gender is performative shows that what we take to be an internal essence of gender is manufactured through a sustained set of acts, posited through the gendered stylization of the body.” People act differently from others. Butler explains that […]

Heterosexual Matrix

“Heterosexual Matrix” comes from Judith Butler’s “Gender Trouble”.  It describes an invisible norm which does not appear to be constructed but comes through as “natural” – a norm that defines everyone and everything as heterosexual until proved differently. The norm inscribes other ways of living with unnaturalness, deviance or invisibility. It is a precondition of […]


In relationship to the article “(Dis)comfort and Norms” by Sara Ahmed   For a full and detailled description, click here (german) […]


“Feminists are not all career obsessed monsters. I really want kids some day – and a white wedding” Anne-Sophie, 27, Feminist […]

Drag Queen

“Drag Queens need 3 things: high heels, lipstick and balls.” Tristan aka «Ennia Face», 37, Dragqueen […]

LGBTQ, Coming out, Queer, Intersex, Transgender

  LGBTQ An initialism of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer   Coming out The process by which one accepts and/or comes to identify one’s own sexuality or gender identity   Queer A gender identity label often used by people who do not identify with the binary of man/woman   Intersex A term used for a […]


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Feministische Filmtheorie

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Biopolitik / Biomacht

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Cultural Studies und Geschlecht

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Sex / Gender

To think of the body only in terms of the biological, anatomical or physiological, is limited Judith Butler Sex (biological) Sex is considered as being biologically given and is mostly based on the reproductive organs (e.g. male and female). That’s also the first thing that is being “checked” at the moment of the birth. Is […]