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Role Models IV: Sarah Nichols. A Portrait edited by Nora Molari (EN)

FRAU ARCHITEKT – SARAH NICHOLS …is an American architect living and working in Zurich. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the history and theory of architecture. Her dissertation is titled “Opération Béton: Constructing Concrete in Switzerland, 1891-1972.” Sarah has been a teaching and research assistant in architecture and urbanism at ETH Zurich since 2011. […]

Role Models III: Romina Grillo. A Portrait edited by Nora Molari (DE)

FRAU ARCHITEKT – ROMINA GRILLO …wurde 1984 in Como, Italien geboren. Sie studierte Architektur an der Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio in der Schweiz und schloss ihr Studium 2009 ab. Sie unterrichtete am Lehrstuhl von Valerio Olgiati an der Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio und arbeitete bei OMA / Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam. 2010 war sie Mitbegründerin von UNULAUNU. […]

Role Models II: Maria Conen. A Portrait edited by Nora Molari (DE)

FRAU ARCHITEKT – MARIA CONEN …studierte Architektur an der EPF Lausanne und der ETH Zürich. Nach ihrem Abschluss 2005 in Zürich arbeitete sie in verschiedenen Architekturbüros und in freier Zusammenarbeit für einzelne Projekte mit Raoul Sigl. Nachdem sie 2010 ihren Master of Advanced Studies am Institut Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur an der ETH Zürich […]

Role Models I: A Series of Portraits of Women in Architecture 2018 by Nora Molari (DE)

Im Rahmen einer Vertiefungsarbeit betreut von Dr. Gabrielle Schaad und Dr. Torsten Lange an der Gastdozentur für Architekturtheorie Dr. Torsten Lange ETH Zürich habe ich mich auf die Suche nach zeitgenössischen weiblichen Vorbildern in der Architektur begeben. Meine Absicht war es einerseits, aktiven Schweizer Architektinnen mehr Sichtbarkeit zu verschaffen, und andererseits, mehr über ihre Haltungen […]

CFP: “Intimacy Exposed. Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom”, 15.10.2018 (submissions deadline), Haute école d’art et de design (HEAD), Geneva

Intimacy Exposed Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom Confirmed keynote speakers: Nacho Alegre (Apartamento Magazine, Barcelona) Ignacio G. Galan (Barnard+Columbia Colleges, New York) Renaud Haerlingen (Rotor-Deconstruction, Bruxelles) Catherine Ince (V&A Museum, London) Alexandra Midal (HEAD – Genève) Marina Otero (Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam) Joel Sanders (Yale University, New Haven) Mariana Siracusa (Galleria Spazio, Milan) “Toilet” is a euphemism, […]

Advance Notice: “Saffa 58. The Women’s ‘Landi’”, 28.06.–09.09.2018, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

A long awaited exhibition finally covers one of the most interesting topics in Swiss Postwar History! (Co-curated by Dr. Eliana Perrotti and Dr. Katia Frey) In 1958, years prior to the vote on women’s suffrage, the second Swiss Exhibition for Women’s Work (SAFFA) was held on the left bank of Lake Zurich. Under the motto […]

Advance Notice:  “Eileen Gray – A Grey Experience”, 31.05.2018, ETHZ, lecture by Jennifer Goff

LECTURE 31ST MAY 2018, 18.00 Jennifer Goff, “Eileen Gray – a Grey experience” ETH Zurich Hönggerberg, Siemens Auditorium HIT E 51 […]

“E. 1027” by Bess Laaring, Alexander Poulikakos, Magdalena Stolze

Cape Martin, South of France. A house built in 1929 sits on a cliff, overlooking the sea. Dear Badovici, Thank you for hosting us recently in your sea-side villa. I will admit to liking it greatly, and being full of admiration of the villa’s sophisticated design. It accommodates, in its well-formed layout, decompression and the […]

Book Discussion – Desiring Practices

    During one of our lectures, the question came: How, as architect, can we design spaces for everyone ? Are the spaces that we create based on the binary system (male/female) caracterising our societies ? How can we make sure that we create “safe spaces” ? We discussed it long but somehow could not […]

Didi Contractor – Leben im Lehmhaus

Didi Contractor – Leben im Lehmhaus is the title of an 80-minute documentary. The protagonist Didi Contractor has been working as an architect for more than 20 years and by her way of working and her buildings, she creates a  connection between landscape and house. Her buildings and the natural building materials clay, bamboo, boulders […]

Pioneering Women in American Architecture

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Women in Architecture is the global campaign to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of women in architecture and to increase female contributors to Wikipedia. “Pioneering Women in American Architecture” asks: why have women’s accomplishments so often been omitted from American architectural history, and how can we correct the record? For the past few years, the […]

Lacaton/Vassal or the Architecture of Generosity

The room was full for the conference of Anne Lacaton of Lacaton & Vassal Architects on November 21 at Hönggerberg. Their vision of architecture is simple: to give more and better for less cost And they do that very well ! Their projects go from private houses to public buildings, passing by social housing. This […]

Lares – An Association for Gender and Everyday Life Building and Planning

The association Lares  was founded in 2013 in Switzerland. It aims to promote gender and everyday planning and building as a social dimension of sustainability and serves as a networking platform for members. The name comes from Roman mythology: the Lares were the spirits of the places and villages that mounted guard over house, yard and […]

03.11.2017 @ 11h44

This is the time where women stop being paid considering the gender pay gap between men and women. Mad&Woman Agency, Paris The gender pay gap is a real issue in our society. According to Eurostat, we would need 217 years to obtain an equal pay. 217 years !!! It is too many generations to count. […]

Women in Architecture – take the survey

In August 1975 the magazine AD published an issue on Women in Architecture. It especially presented the result of a survey by the editor, Monica Pidgedon. Shes ent letters out to 100 women architects asking them:  what can women contribute that men can’t (and vice versa) and what are the advantages or a disadvantages of […]

Is Air-Conditionning Sexist ?

If there is well one question that most of us never asked ourselves is to know if air-conditionning regulations are sexist or not. Well, the article “Energy Consumption in Buildings and Female Thermal Demand” informs us that the regulations that we are still using now have been developped in the 1960s and that its “standard values for […]

Toilets at ETH Hönggerberg

A Video by Leonie and Samira […]

Sex ≠ Gender

“Berücksichtigt man die weiblichen und männlichen Formen der verschiedenen Kombinationen von biologischem Geschlecht (Englisch: «sex») und Geschlechtsidentitäten und -verhalten (Englisch: «gender»), so kennt die Natur mindestens elf Geschlechter, nicht nur zwei.” Marianne Regard, Titularprofessorin für Neuropsychologie, Universitätsspital Zürich natuerlich_gibt_es_mehr_als_zwei_geschlechter […]