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Symposium “Fielding Architecture. Feminist Practices for a Decolonized Pedagogy”

The Fielding Architecture: Feminist Practices for a Decolonised Pedagogy symposium took place at the University of Brighton on 24 & 25 June, 2019. The interdisciplinary symposium organized by Emma Cheatle, Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture, University of Sheffield and Catalina Mejía Moreno, Senior Lecturer, Theory of Architecture, University of Brighton, explored and questioned the practice of teaching […]

Advance Notice: Public Lecture by Joel Sanders “Alternative Futures: Questioning Design Standards”

Public evening lecture by Joel Sanders (Architect, New York & Professor Adjunct Yale University) organized by the Visiting Lectureship of the Theory of Architecture Dr. Torsten Lange, Institute gta, ETH Zurich Thursday May 23, 2019, 18:00–20:00ETH Hönggerberg, HIL H 40.9 (NSL Foyer) AbstractRestrooms exemplify how architecture as a discipline is complicit in perpetuating cultural assumptions […]

Advance Notice: Guest Lecture Prof. Jack Halberstam “Unbuilding Gender: Trans* Anarchitectures In and Beyond the Work of Gordon Matta-Clark”

Guest lecture by Jack Halberstam (Professor of Gender Studies and English, Columbia University New York) in the seminar “Architectures of Gender: body_building” hosted by the Visiting Lectureship of the Theory of Architecture Dr. Torsten Lange, Institute gta, ETH Zurich Monday May 13, 2019, 10:00–12:00ETH Hönggerberg, HIL E 67 BioJack Halberstam is a recipient of the […]

Advance Notice: Lecture by Dr. Huraera Jabeen “Gendered Space and Climate Resilience in Informal Settlements in Bangladesh”

UniBasel, Hörsaal 101 (Alte Universität) Rheinsprung 9/11, 4051 Basel. Climate resilience varies significantly based on gender and on location in different physical and social spaces. The relationship between the urban built environment, vulnerability and resilience is a little-studied area of research. Conceptualizing gender only in terms of the vulnerability of women can mean overlooking the complex […]

Advance Notice: Lecture Series “Digitale Transformation und Geschlecht”, University of Bern, Spring Semester 2019

,,Nun ja, meine Stimme klingt wie die einer Frau, aber ich falle nicht wirklich unter das mensch­liche Geschlechterkonzept”, antwortet die persönliche Sprachassistenz-Software Siri auf die Frage, ob sie sich als Frau identifiziere. Siri wie auch andere Chatbots, die als persönliche Assistenz fungieren und „immer zu deinen Diensten” sind, werden hauptsächlich weiblich designt. Dass Siris Stimme „wie die einer Frau” klingt, ist deshalb nicht zufällig, vielmehr werden dadurch vorherrschende […]

Advance Notice: Lecture by Prof. Lori Brown “Between the Academy and Activism”, 13.12.2018, ETHZ, HIL E6, 17:00 

Lori Brown’s lecture, “Between the Academy + Activism,” will discuss her research and the opportunities it has unexpectedly created in real-world engagement and activism, bringing architecture out into broader current political and cultural spatial contestations. She will begin by providing a brief theoretical framework of her creative research practice and pedagogical approaches locating her work […]

Advance Notice: SIA Vaud – “Débat Urbanités: Une Ville Virile?”, 10.12.2018, Lausanne

URBANITÉS: Une ville virile? Lundi 10 Décembre 2018, 18H30 au forum d`architectures, lausanne Avenue de Villamont 4, Lausanne     Intervenant-e-s Sarah Neumann / Députée au Grand Conseil vaudois Elke Schimmel et Sarah Droz / Assosciation LARES Gabrielle Schaad / Historienne de l´Art, Dr. sc. ETH Zurich Yves Raibaud / Géographe et maitre conférencier à […]

Advance Notice: “Under Same Skies”, 10.–11.11.2018, Zurich

Event: Under Same Skies – Gender perspectives in Arab countries and beyond 10.  &  11. November 2018 at Clubraum, Rote Fabrik, Zürich Link: What do we know about the countries and people whose uprisings have changed the world since December 2011? The activities, that the invited guests, initiated in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, […]

The Mobility of Care – Inés Sánchez de Madariaga – Global Urban Lecture

Introducing Gender-Aware Concepts in Transportation Planning aims at providing a better understanding of travel patterns of women and men, by taking into account the travel implications of daily tasks performed by individuals with care responsibilities. Link:   SYNOPSIS Issues which the lecture addresses This lecture uses gender as an analytical category to propose a […]

Advance Notice: “Arbeit als Liebe. Liebe als Arbeit”

31. Oktober 2018, 18 Uhr, Museum Haus Konstruktiv FILMVORFÜHRUNG UND GESPRÄCHSRUNDE I Arbeit als Liebe. Liebe als Arbeit. Ein Filmprojekt von Brigitte Dätwyler und Lena Maria Thüring, in Zusammenarbeit mit der Fachstelle Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration (FIZ) und fünf ihrer Klientinnen Im Museumseintritt von CHF 16/12 inbegriffen Das von Damian Christinger initiierte und von den beiden […]

Advance Notice: Architectural Access, Code and Care

This fall semester, as part of MIT Architecture’s Experiments in Pedagogy, Gabriel Cira and Emma Watlington have organized an evening lecture series called “Architectural Access, Code and Care”. Speakers include Wendy Jacob and Sara Hendren; David Gissen; Mara Mills and MIT Biomechatronics; Aimi Hamraie, David Mitchell, and Sharon Snyder. Hamraie ranks among the foremost international scholars working on dis/ability […]

Advance Notice: “Interdependent Bodies – Making Non-Normative Space(s) for Care”, 29.10.2018, 17:00–19:00, ETH Hönggerberg

Monday, 29.10.2018, 17.00–19.00, ETH Zürich Hönggerberg, venue (tba) Public roundtable discussion with inputs by Dr. Jos Boys (independent scholar, Dis/Ordinary Architecture Project, UK), Caroline Cardus (artist, UK), Prof. Adam Caruso (architect, Chair for Architecture and Construction ETHZ, UK/CH), and Dr. Nina Mühlemann (researcher/disability rights activist, CH/UK). Moderation: Dr. Torsten Lange and Dr. Gabrielle Schaad (Visiting Lectureship […]

Advance Notice: “Cooperative Cities. Feminist, Social and Emancipatory”, 28.09.2018, The New School, NYC

Friday, September 28th, 3:00-6:30pm The New School University Center Room L105 (Lower Level) 63 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY Please join us for the launch of Volume 9 of the Journal of Design Strategies, Cooperative Cities, which provides a critical insight to the way women have conceptualized and fostered the co-production of nonhierarchical and cooperative […]

Advance Notice: “Downtown Denise Scott Brown”, 22.11.2018–18.03.2019, Architekturzentrum Wien

For 50 years Denise Scott Brown has shaped the course of architecture. It’s time for the world’s first extensive solo exhibition on the work of this 86-year-old architect, urban planner, educator, and writer. Denise Scott Brown is an icon in contemporary architecture discourse. Through her architectural theory and practice, Scott Brown – together with her […]

CFP: “Intimacy Exposed. Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom”, 15.10.2018 (submissions deadline), Haute école d’art et de design (HEAD), Geneva

Intimacy Exposed Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom Confirmed keynote speakers: Nacho Alegre (Apartamento Magazine, Barcelona) Ignacio G. Galan (Barnard+Columbia Colleges, New York) Renaud Haerlingen (Rotor-Deconstruction, Bruxelles) Catherine Ince (V&A Museum, London) Alexandra Midal (HEAD – Genève) Marina Otero (Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam) Joel Sanders (Yale University, New Haven) Mariana Siracusa (Galleria Spazio, Milan) “Toilet” is a euphemism, […]

Symposium: “MoMoWo 2018. Women’s Creativity since the Modern Movement (1918–2018)”, 13.–16.06.2018, Politecnico di Torino

MoMoWo Symposium 2018 International Conference | Women’s Creativity since the Modern Movement (1918-2018): Toward a New Perception and Reception After almost four years of successful project activities, and in accordance with the MoMoWo mission, the International Conference | Women’s Creativity since the Modern Movement (1918-2018): Toward a New Perception and Reception continues to increase the […]

Advance Notice: “Saffa 58. The Women’s ‘Landi’”, 28.06.–09.09.2018, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

A long awaited exhibition finally covers one of the most interesting topics in Swiss Postwar History! (Co-curated by Dr. Eliana Perrotti and Dr. Katia Frey) In 1958, years prior to the vote on women’s suffrage, the second Swiss Exhibition for Women’s Work (SAFFA) was held on the left bank of Lake Zurich. Under the motto […]

Workshop “Building Diversity”

On Tuesday, May 16, 2018 TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment will host the first workshop “Building Diversity” organized by the working group on gender parity and diversity within the BauHow 5 network (The Bartlett/UCL, Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, TU Delft, TU Munich and ETH Zurich). The one-day international workshop seeks […]

Symposium: Noncompliant Bodies – Social Equity and Public Space

The discipline of architecture tends to overlook or actively exclude persons who fall outside white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied norms. This symposium, convened by Joel Sanders and Susan Stryker, assembles a cross-disciplinary group of designers and scholars to explore the relationship between architecture and the demands for social justice voiced by people who have been marginalized […]

The Architect as Shopper – Katie Lloyd Thomas

The Architect as Shopper: Women, Electricity, Building Products and the Interwar ‘Proprietary Turn’ in the UK Katie Lloyd Thomas held her Presentation at ETH Zürich on December 7th 2017   […]

Advance Notice: Gender in Digital Reality

Opening program on Tuesday, 20 February 2018, Klingenstrasse 23 Zürich: 6-9 pm: Opening of the exhibition 6.30-7 pm: Performance by Martina Mächler 7-9 pm: Multimedia installation by Philip Tsapaliras, Paula Ursprung and Artemisia Valisa   The group exhibition explores the performance of gender roles in our society within the context of digital medias. Social medias […]

Advance Notice: Kosmospolitics – Sex in Brain: Nature or Culture 

Women are gifted in multitasking, men have a good spatial orientation – and that is, as many say, because of their brains. But is the “female” and the “male” brain really existing? Or, in other words, if we scientifically detect a difference between male and female brains, can one assume that this is solely due […]

Advance Notice: Zürcher Philosophie Festival

From the 18th to 20th of January, the Zurich Philosophy Festival will take place for the first time at KOSMOS. The topic of the first edition is “Me, Me, Me”. “Whether it’s a ego-shooter, a self-employed person or a self-discovery course: the ego always takes center stage, yet we do not even know where to […]

Advance Notice: The Queer Ball is back in Neumarkt

The Zurich gay network “Der Kreis” organized regular balls from the 1940s to the 1960s at the Theater Neumarkt. These lavish parties were of great importance to the scene far beyond the country’s borders. The “Milchjugend” awakens this tradition again from its slumber, in order to create a place for the LGBTQIA * -Community to […]

Didi Contractor – Leben im Lehmhaus

Didi Contractor – Leben im Lehmhaus is the title of an 80-minute documentary. The protagonist Didi Contractor has been working as an architect for more than 20 years and by her way of working and her buildings, she creates a  connection between landscape and house. Her buildings and the natural building materials clay, bamboo, boulders […]

Advance Notice: Lecture by Prof. Katie Lloyd Thomas “The Architect as Shopper”

  The Architect as Shopper: Women, Electricity, Building Products and the Interwar ‘Proprietary Turn’ in the UK December 7th @ 18h00 HIL H40.4 (Plaza) More information on the GTA website here […]

Lacaton/Vassal or the Architecture of Generosity

The room was full for the conference of Anne Lacaton of Lacaton & Vassal Architects on November 21 at Hönggerberg. Their vision of architecture is simple: to give more and better for less cost And they do that very well ! Their projects go from private houses to public buildings, passing by social housing. This […]

Advance Notice: Lecture by Flora Ruchat-Roncati Research Group “Doing Research on Women Architects”

Guest lecture by Eliana Perotti and Katia Frey about their Swiss National Science Foundation funded research project on the life and work of the architect Flora Ruchat-Roncati (1937–2012), who was appointed first female professor at ETH Zurich in 1985 and later became the first female Dean of the Department of Architecture. The talk will introduce […]

Advance Notice: Donna Haraway @ Porny Days – Film & Art Festival

From November 24th to 26th, the 5th edition of the Porny Days – Film & Art Festival will take place at the Rifftraff Kino in Zurich. The festival will present over 50 films and will also be accompanied by performances. On this occasion, the documentary “Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival” by Fabrizio Terranova will […]

Advance Notice: Architektur Film Tage Zürich – Arab Women in Architecture

From November 17 to 19, the first Architektur Film Tage will take place in Zurich and present films from all over the world. The selection shows the diversity of architecture and its relationship to art, history, politics and other topics. On Sunday 19 at 2pm, the movie Arab Women in Architecture is shown. It is a […]

Advance Notice: Film screening and discussion at Heldenbar


Advance Notice: Doing Research on Woman Architects – Problems and Potentials: Flora Ruchat-Roncati at ETH

Lecture by Eliana Perotti and Katia Frey – Monday the 27. November 2017 – 10:00 to 11:00 – HIL H 40.9 – ETH Hönggerberg «So wie das Kompositkapitell einer tuskanischen Säule ist meine Dimension vielteilig, zerschnitten, wie zerschnitten und vielteilig diejenige der privilegierten Frauen ist. Frauen, die auf nichts verzichten, nicht einmal auf Ausdrucksräume, die […]

Symposium and Exhibition: AA XX 100. Celebrating 100 Years of Women at the Architectural Association

AA XX 100: AA Women in Architecture 1917-2017 International conference, book and exhibition October 7–December 9, 2017 Conference: Women & Architecture in Context 1917-2017: November 2–4 Paul Mellon Centre, London, WC1B 3JA Architectural Association School of Architecture 36 Bedford Square London WC1B 3ES UK Full conference video documentation available here: Autumn 2017 saw the launch […]

Gender Salon 1 – Zwischen Duschgel und Schweissgeruch – eine Zustandsanalyse

November 9 @ 18h00 Hit4fit, Flüelastrasse 10, 8048 Zürich (Free entrance) Organized by the ZHdK N°1 Im Boxgym: Zwischen Duschgel und Schweissgeruch – eine Zustandsanalyse Wie äussert sich der Aspekt Gender im Design? Welche Assoziationen verbinden wir mit «for men» oder «for women»? Haben wir wirklich so unterschiedliche Anforderungen an Produkte wie Duschgels, Fitness Tracker […]

Advance Notice: Talk with Lena Henke

November 9 @ 18:30 ZHdK Lena Henke (born 1982 in Germany) lives and works in New York City and Frankfurt am Main. Henke has studied at the Städelschule Frankfurt under Professor Michael Krebber (2004-2010). Lena Henke has developed a diverse body of sculptural works, often arranged in comprehensive spatial installations. Henke’s work references urban planning, Land […]

Advance Notice: Lecture by Anne Lacaton

November 21 @ 18:00 HIL E4 Anne Lacaton (*1955), currently a partner in the architecture firm Lacaton&Vassal, Paris, France, and Associate Professor of Architecture and Design of ETH. Lacaton is an internationally acclaimed architect. Her designs and constructions make a clear statement in support of the human rather than the iconic. She shows great consideration for […]

03.11.2017 @ 11h44

This is the time where women stop being paid considering the gender pay gap between men and women. Mad&Woman Agency, Paris The gender pay gap is a real issue in our society. According to Eurostat, we would need 217 years to obtain an equal pay. 217 years !!! It is too many generations to count. […]

Exhibition: Guerrilla Girls – Grafica – 1985-2017

Guerrilla Girls – Grafica – 1985-2017 – at MASP, Sao Paulo – 29.09.2017-14.02.2018 The Guerrilla Girls are feminist activist artists. They wear gorilla masks in public and use facts, humor and outrageous visuals to expose gender and ethnic bias as well as corruption in politics, art, film, and pop culture. Their anonymity keeps the focus […]

Advance Notice: Netzwerk Frau + SIA

Netzwerk Frau + SIA – Praxisgespräche: “Wohnen zwischen Stadt und Land” 


Advance Notice: AA XX 100: AA Women and Architecture in Context 1917-2017: an International Conference

London, AA and the Paul Mellon Centre in Bedford Square, London, W.C.1, November 2 – 04, 2017 AA XX 100: AA Women and Architecture in Context 1917-2017: an International Conference In collaboration with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, the AA XX 100 Project is convening a major international conference, exploring the […]

Can you find the Mistake II

Discussion at TUMünchen – 03.10.2017 “Wahrscheinlich sind alle meine Figuren auf die eine oder andere Weise romantisch. Ich glaube, dass Nihilismus die extremste Form von Romantik ist. Und wahrscheinlich ist dieser Punkt, an dem meine Stücke missverstanden werden. Ich fürchte ich bin eine hoffnungslose Romantikerin.” – Citation by Sarah Kane – Sämtliche Stücke – Hamburg […]

Spaces for art

“One of the women that worked a lot for architecture and architectural dreams” Anette Gigon regarding Anne Lacaton, ETH Zürich october 2017 […]

Advance Notice: Frau Architekt – Ausstellung DAM

FRAU ARCHITEKT – Seit mehr als 100 Jahren: Frauen im Architektenberuf Exhibition in DAM – Deutsches Architektur Museum in Frankfurt – 30th September 2017 till 8th March 2018 Over 100 years ago for the first time women were allowed to visit “Technischen Hochschulen” in Germany and become trained architects. They made significant contributions to the […]

Stand der Dinge – Annette Gigon

On Tuesday October 3rd, Annette Gigon gave a conference presenting the work of her office that she founded with Mike Guyer in 1989 in Zurich. Their projects can be found a bit everywhere in the city of Zurich, In Switzerland and in Europe Here is a quick overview of the presented projects, representing what she […]



Advance Notice: Vernissage of the new RosaRot magazine

The RosaRot magazine is made by students of the university of Zurich and adresses questions of feminism and gender. On the 6th of October at 7 pm at Park Platz they are going to celebrate the release of their latest edition called “Paradies”, which collects political, personal and artistic contributions. Event on facebook Homepage of RosaRot […]

Collage of Straits of Magellan Cruise Terminal Project, 2017

Advance Notice: Department Lecture Cecilia Puga

CECILIA PUGA – CROSSFADES Department Lecture at D-Arch ETHZ on Monday 2nd Oktober 2017 – 18:00 – HIL E4 Straits of Magellan Cruise Terminal Project, 2017 Cecilia Puga has her own practice in Santiago de Chile where she has undertaken different scale designs projects. Her regular academic activity takes place at the Catholic University in […]

Advance Notice: Open House Zürich

OPEN HOUSE ZÜRICH 30.09.2017 – 01.10.2017 in 80 Places around Zürich Different Buildings built by Women can be seen this weekend at Open House Zürich: Elli – Wohnhaus und Atelier Holzer Kobler Architekturen Barbara Holzer, Tristan Kobler Aufgänge Hardbrücke E. & M. Boesch Architekten Martin Boesch, Elisabeth Boesch Kornhaus Swissmill Harder Haas Partner Veronika Harder-Hoegger, […]

The End of Theory for Men?

Symposium – gta 50 –  Debate «The End of Theory?» In the evening of September 28th, Peter Eisenman, Kurt W. Forster and Jaques Herzog discussed whether architecture theory has come to an end. While Eisenmann and Forster are among the protagonists of the close interweaving of theory and practice in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Jaques […]