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Wildness – Complexity, Contradiction and Failure

Time is borrowed. It changes everything. Faces. Relationships. Neighbourhoods. There are not many like me left. And I wonder, what will become of me? How can I explain my legacy? (Movie “Wildness” by Wu Tsang, 2012, 00:00:23) The very first sentences of the movie “Wildness” unfold its thematic territory. The movie addresses questions about inclusiveness, diversity, […]

Review – Flora Ruchat-Roncati, Research on Woman Architechts

On this first day of the new semester, I wanted to come back on a lecture that took place, mostly unnoticed, on the Hönggerberg campus on November 27th, as announced on this blog here. This lecture was led by Dr Eliana Perotti and Dr Katia Frey about Flora Ruchat-Roncati, her career, and her time at the ETH, as […]

Discussion: “(Dis)comfort and Norms”

Thoughts about the article “(Dis)comfort and Norms” by Sara Ahmed Heteronomativity  “Heterosexuality as a script for an ideal life” states Sara Ahmed at the beginning of her article. Hence, heteronormativity could be described as all the repetition of protocols that we do unconsciously and that we perpetrate; how one should behave to be in the […]

Discussion: Texts by Beatriz Colomina and Paul Preciado

Thoughts about the texts “The Split Wall: Domestic Voyeurism” by Beatriz Colomina and “Pornotopia or the Architecture of Playboy” by Paul (Beatriz) Preciado. Loos and Materiality – As Loos is an architect that works very precise with materiality in his interiors, we were wondering what role it has in the context of creating gendered rooms. It […]

Discussion: Texts by Judith Butler and Michael Foucault

Misty and Jimmy Poulette in the Taxi, NYC, 1991, Nan Goldin > Butler arguments, that there is a natural difference between the two sexes. Gender on the other hand operates on a spectrum wich causes contradictions and problems. This leads to an intellectual challenge. Everything is constructed because we have this idea of difference of […]