Day: October 15, 2018

The Industrial Revolution In The Home – Ruth Schwartz Cowan

by Mirjam Kupferschmid and Manon Mottet  From today’s point of view, we can barely imagine that only a few decades ago, women were washing clothes in a tub or had to lit fire in the stove in order to cook a meal. It seems to us that the introduction of tools such as the washing machine, […]

The House That Did The Housework – Margalit Fox & Amisha Padani

by Petra Steiniger and Viviane Zibung Margalit Fox, born in 1961 is an American wirter. In the 1980s, already before she went to journalism school, she worked in magazine and book publishing. In 1994 she joined ‘The New York Times’ and has been a staff writer on the Obituaries desk since 2004. Her collection of […]