Day: October 10, 2018

Reproductive Commons: From Within and Beyond the Kitchen – Julia Wieger

by Achilleas Lehmann   Julia Wieger is an architect and researcher. She works as a architecture department in the Academy of fine arts in Vienna. She is interested in collective approaches to research, production and design. Before addressing her main exapmles for collective housing which try to break the socially defined gender barrier, she briefly […]

The Critical Potential of Housework – Catharina Gabrielsson

by Nora┬áMolari and Bing Yang   Part I Catharina Gabrielsson is an architect, critic and writer. She is assistant professor in urban theory at the School of Architecture KTH and Director of the doctoral programme Art, Technology and Design in collaboration with Konstfack. With an emphasis on creative academic writing, her research investigates the interface […]

Contradictions of Capital and Care – Nancy Fraser

by Tatjana Bergmeister and Matthieu Schwartz The text we are going to focus on is written by Nancy Fraser, a feminist and critical theorist from Baltimore, US. Professor of philosophy and social sciences in the New School in New York, as well as the president of the American Philosophical Association, she shares her critique on […]