Month: December 2017

Advance Notice: The Queer Ball is back in Neumarkt

The Zurich gay network “Der Kreis” organized regular balls from the 1940s to the 1960s at the Theater Neumarkt. These lavish parties were of great importance to the scene far beyond the country’s borders. The “Milchjugend” awakens this tradition again from its slumber, in order to create a place for the LGBTQIA * -Community to […]

Book Discussion – Desiring Practices

    During one of our lectures, the question came: How, as architect, can we design spaces for everyone ? Are the spaces that we create based on the binary system (male/female) caracterising our societies ? How can we make sure that we create “safe spaces” ? We discussed it long but somehow could not […]

Didi Contractor – Leben im Lehmhaus

Didi Contractor – Leben im Lehmhaus is the title of an 80-minute documentary. The protagonist Didi Contractor has been working as an architect for more than 20 years and by her way of working and her buildings, she creates a  connection between landscape and house. Her buildings and the natural building materials clay, bamboo, boulders […]

Pioneering Women in American Architecture

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Women in Architecture is the global campaign to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of women in architecture and to increase female contributors to Wikipedia. “Pioneering Women in American Architecture” asks: why have women’s accomplishments so often been omitted from American architectural history, and how can we correct the record? For the past few years, the […]

Advance Notice: Lecture by Prof. Katie Lloyd Thomas “The Architect as Shopper”

  The Architect as Shopper: Women, Electricity, Building Products and the Interwar ‘Proprietary Turn’ in the UK December 7th @ 18h00 HIL H40.4 (Plaza) More information on the GTA website here […]