Day: November 12, 2017

The Closet

The Empty Closet, Genessee Valley, New York, 1971, Collections of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History > to be in the closet: do hide one’s homosexuality > get out of the closet: to disclose one’s homosexuality > ante-closet: space before the closet, the space where one selects clothes; space for changing –  an effect […]


Judith Butler developed the notion of performativity in “Gender Trouble” and noted that, “the view that gender is performative shows that what we take to be an internal essence of gender is manufactured through a sustained set of acts, posited through the gendered stylization of the body.” People act differently from others. Butler explains that […]

Heterosexual Matrix

“Heterosexual Matrix” comes from Judith Butler’s “Gender Trouble”.  It describes an invisible norm which does not appear to be constructed but comes through as “natural” – a norm that defines everyone and everything as heterosexual until proved differently. The norm inscribes other ways of living with unnaturalness, deviance or invisibility. It is a precondition of […]