Day: November 2, 2017

03.11.2017 @ 11h44

This is the time where women stop being paid considering the gender pay gap between men and women. Mad&Woman Agency, Paris The gender pay gap is a real issue in our society. According to Eurostat, we would need 217 years to obtain an equal pay. 217 years !!! It is too many generations to count. […]

The French Prize of Women Architects 2017

ARVHA, Association for Research about City and Housing, launches in 2017 the 5th edition of The Prize of Women Architects with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of Family, childhood, and women’s Rights, the city of Paris and the National council of the Order of Architects.


Women in Architecture – take the survey

In August 1975 the magazine AD published an issue on Women in Architecture. It especially presented the result of a survey by the editor, Monica Pidgedon. Shes ent letters out to 100 women architects asking them:  what can women contribute that men can’t (and vice versa) and what are the advantages or a disadvantages of […]