Month: October 2017

Exhibition: Guerrilla Girls – Grafica – 1985-2017

Guerrilla Girls – Grafica – 1985-2017 – at MASP, Sao Paulo – 29.09.2017-14.02.2018 The Guerrilla Girls are feminist activist artists. They wear gorilla masks in public and use facts, humor and outrageous visuals to expose gender and ethnic bias as well as corruption in politics, art, film, and pop culture. Their anonymity keeps the focus […]

Michelle Obama at AIA Conference on Architecture

The former First Lady was a guest at the AIA Conference on Architecture in April. But what did she have to say at the annual conference of the American Institute of Architects? Her answers came in eloquent votes as known by Barack Obama in which she called to the audience to create and allow new […]

Angela Deuber wins “Architekturpreis Beton 2017”

Since 1977, the “Architekturpreis Beton” has been awarded every four years. The competition promotes outstanding work with concrete and, for more than four decades, has occupied a special place in Swiss architecture awards in terms of orientation and content. Thus, the prize reflects the construction process in Switzerland, inspires the discourse on good architecture and […]

#MeToo – The Importance of Language

Women all over the world started to share their personal stories of sexual harassment under the hashtag #MeToo. These posts blew up over social media sites after US producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment by a number of women and consequently the media took up the debate about sexual violence. The […]

Sex Separation: Gendered Toilets

Why are our public restrooms genderly segregated ? Why do we feel unconfortable with the idea of shared public restroom ? This is what Terry Kogan tries to understand in his article “Sex Separation: The Cure-All for Victorian Social Anxiety”. As a matter of fact, our public restrooms were not always divided according to our […]

Advance Notice: Lecture by An Fonteyne

Professor An Fonteyne (*1971), currently Professor at Hasselt University, Belgium, as Associate Professor of Architecture and Design. An Fonteyne advocates a building culture that pays particular attention to the economic and social boundary conditions of construction, as a counterweight to the trend for self-oriented and object-related architecture. By appointing An Fonteyne, the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich is gaining an incisive teacher and an outstanding architect. With her particular background she introduces an important theme to the department: construction in existing contexts, which will be of increasing relevance to the architects of the future.



Advance Notice: Exhibition in Paris Women House

Women House is the meeting of two notions: a gender – the female – and a space – the domestic one. Architecture and public space have been masculine while the domestic space was for a long time the prison or the shelter of women: this historical evidence is nevertheless not a fatality and the exhibition […]

Discussion: Texts by Beatriz Colomina and Paul Preciado

Thoughts about the texts “The Split Wall: Domestic Voyeurism” by Beatriz Colomina and “Pornotopia or the Architecture of Playboy” by Paul (Beatriz) Preciado. Loos and Materiality – As Loos is an architect that works very precise with materiality in his interiors, we were wondering what role it has in the context of creating gendered rooms. It […]

Denise Scott Brown

“My mother studied architecture and I thought it was women’s work”   Many significant women architects of the 20th century were partnered with men, like Aino and Alvar Aalto, Ray and Charles Eames or Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi. In female-male partnerships the work can sometimes be wrongly credited in favour of the male partner, […]

Is Air-Conditionning Sexist ?

If there is well one question that most of us never asked ourselves is to know if air-conditionning regulations are sexist or not. Well, the article “Energy Consumption in Buildings and Female Thermal Demand” informs us that the regulations that we are still using now have been developped in the 1960s and that its “standard values for […]


“Feminists are not all career obsessed monsters. I really want kids some day – and a white wedding” Anne-Sophie, 27, Feminist […]

Drag Queen

“Drag Queens need 3 things: high heels, lipstick and balls.” Tristan aka «Ennia Face», 37, Dragqueen […]

Advance Notice: Netzwerk Frau + SIA

Netzwerk Frau + SIA – Praxisgespräche: “Wohnen zwischen Stadt und Land” 


Toilets at ETH Hönggerberg

A Video by Leonie and Samira […]

LGBTQ, Coming out, Queer, Intersex, Transgender

  LGBTQ An initialism of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer   Coming out The process by which one accepts and/or comes to identify one’s own sexuality or gender identity   Queer A gender identity label often used by people who do not identify with the binary of man/woman   Intersex A term used for a […]

Advance Notice: AA XX 100: AA Women and Architecture in Context 1917-2017: an International Conference

London, AA and the Paul Mellon Centre in Bedford Square, London, W.C.1, November 2 – 04, 2017 AA XX 100: AA Women and Architecture in Context 1917-2017: an International Conference In collaboration with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, the AA XX 100 Project is convening a major international conference, exploring the […]

Lina Bo Bardi

She built for the people – In Brazil the Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi made an amazing career. After the horrors of the Second World War, Brazil’s tropical and cheerful architecture seemed like a promise to European architects. Nowhere else in the southern hemisphere had the international style been more passionately welcomed than in Brazil. […]

Love has no Labels

  Love has no gender – Love has no race – Love has no disability – Love has no age – Love has no Religion _Before anything else, we are all Human. […]

Can you find the Mistake II

Discussion at TUMünchen – 03.10.2017 “Wahrscheinlich sind alle meine Figuren auf die eine oder andere Weise romantisch. Ich glaube, dass Nihilismus die extremste Form von Romantik ist. Und wahrscheinlich ist dieser Punkt, an dem meine Stücke missverstanden werden. Ich fürchte ich bin eine hoffnungslose Romantikerin.” – Citation by Sarah Kane – Sämtliche Stücke – Hamburg […]

Women’s exhibitions as in the German Architecture Museum are well-intentioned, but in the end the new ghetto

Architects are rarely professors and are hardly exhibited in museums. The museum in Frankfurt am Main wants to end the exclusion and of all things organises a  show only with women. “Frauenausstellungen wie im Deutschen Architekturmuseum sind gut gemeint, am Ende aber das neue Ghetto” by Antje Stahl  for Neue Zürcher Zeitung – 11.10.2017 […]

Pornotopia or the architecture of Playboy

We are at the beginning of the fifties, WWII is over, the Gis are returning home. The “suburban family” ideology is very strong. Women should stay at home taking care of the house and the kids while the men are working in the city. Typical representation of the perfect American family It is in this […]

Spaces for art

“One of the women that worked a lot for architecture and architectural dreams” Anette Gigon regarding Anne Lacaton, ETH Zürich october 2017 […]

The Split wall: Domestic Voyeurism – Beatriz Colomina

  Le Corbusier quoted ones Adolf Loos as followed: „A cultivated man does not look out of the window; his window is a ground grass; it is there only to let the light in, not to let the gaze pass through.“   Beatriz Colomina writes in her essay “the Split wall” about two architects: Adolf […]

Discussion: Texts by Judith Butler and Michael Foucault

Misty and Jimmy Poulette in the Taxi, NYC, 1991, Nan Goldin > Butler arguments, that there is a natural difference between the two sexes. Gender on the other hand operates on a spectrum wich causes contradictions and problems. This leads to an intellectual challenge. Everything is constructed because we have this idea of difference of […]

ETH and Gender: Action Plan, Monitoring, Equal Reports and Women

In 2014 a Gender Action Plan has been adopted by the ETH Zurich explaining how it aims to achieve a gender balance, what actors are involved and who is in charge for the implementation. Besides this Gender Action Plan the ETH also provides information about gender monitoring, equal reports and women at the ETH. For […]

Too many men on Swiss boards

Investor Hildebrand relies on female bosses The largest asset manager in the world votes against administrative boards – because they are men. This will force companies to be more diverse. “Inverstor Hildebrand setzt auf Chefinnen” – by Moritz Kaufmann for Blick – 25.09.2017 […]


–>  Sex-Gender-Differenz […]

Advance Notice: Frau Architekt – Ausstellung DAM

FRAU ARCHITEKT – Seit mehr als 100 Jahren: Frauen im Architektenberuf Exhibition in DAM – Deutsches Architektur Museum in Frankfurt – 30th September 2017 till 8th March 2018 Over 100 years ago for the first time women were allowed to visit “Technischen Hochschulen” in Germany and become trained architects. They made significant contributions to the […]

Stand der Dinge – Annette Gigon

On Tuesday October 3rd, Annette Gigon gave a conference presenting the work of her office that she founded with Mike Guyer in 1989 in Zurich. Their projects can be found a bit everywhere in the city of Zurich, In Switzerland and in Europe Here is a quick overview of the presented projects, representing what she […]




–>  Pornographie […]

Feministische Filmtheorie

–>  Feministische Filmtheorie […]


–>  Performativität […]


–>  Maskerade […]


–>  Geschlechterdispositiv […]

Biopolitik / Biomacht

–>  Biopolitik / Biomacht […]


–>  Subjekt […]


–>  Poststrukturalismus […]


–> Genderkompetenz […]


–> Diversity […]

Cultural Studies und Geschlecht

–>  Cultural Studies und Geschlecht […]

Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire, Judith Butler

In her Text ”Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire”, (published in Gender Trouble: Feminism and the subversion of Identity, New York: Routledge, 1990, 6-16) Judith Butler expands the feminist distinction of sex and gender. She argues that not only gender is a binary social construct “whereby gender mirrors sex” but that sex itself is constructed by scientific discourse. […]

Advance Notice: Vernissage of the new RosaRot magazine

The RosaRot magazine is made by students of the university of Zurich and adresses questions of feminism and gender. On the 6th of October at 7 pm at Park Platz they are going to celebrate the release of their latest edition called “Paradies”, which collects political, personal and artistic contributions. Event on facebook Homepage of RosaRot […]

Sex / Gender

To think of the body only in terms of the biological, anatomical or physiological, is limited Judith Butler Sex (biological) Sex is considered as being biologically given and is mostly based on the reproductive organs (e.g. male and female). That’s also the first thing that is being “checked” at the moment of the birth. Is […]

Sex ≠ Gender

“Berücksichtigt man die weiblichen und männlichen Formen der verschiedenen Kombinationen von biologischem Geschlecht (Englisch: «sex») und Geschlechtsidentitäten und -verhalten (Englisch: «gender»), so kennt die Natur mindestens elf Geschlechter, nicht nur zwei.” Marianne Regard, Titularprofessorin für Neuropsychologie, Universitätsspital Zürich natuerlich_gibt_es_mehr_als_zwei_geschlechter […]

Collage of Straits of Magellan Cruise Terminal Project, 2017

Advance Notice: Department Lecture Cecilia Puga

CECILIA PUGA – CROSSFADES Department Lecture at D-Arch ETHZ on Monday 2nd Oktober 2017 – 18:00 – HIL E4 Straits of Magellan Cruise Terminal Project, 2017 Cecilia Puga has her own practice in Santiago de Chile where she has undertaken different scale designs projects. Her regular academic activity takes place at the Catholic University in […]