Month: September 2017

Advance Notice: Open House Zürich

OPEN HOUSE ZÜRICH 30.09.2017 – 01.10.2017 in 80 Places around Zürich Different Buildings built by Women can be seen this weekend at Open House Zürich: Elli – Wohnhaus und Atelier Holzer Kobler Architekturen Barbara Holzer, Tristan Kobler Aufgänge Hardbrücke E. & M. Boesch Architekten Martin Boesch, Elisabeth Boesch Kornhaus Swissmill Harder Haas Partner Veronika Harder-Hoegger, […]

Lux Guyer

Lux Guyer was a Swiss architect and one of the first woman to establish her own office. She was born in Zürich in 1894 and she accomplished a lot to improve the women’s condition at this time. The architect promoted the progress of gender equality by running her business under her own name and did […]

The End of Theory for Men?

Symposium – gta 50 –  Debate «The End of Theory?» In the evening of September 28th, Peter Eisenman, Kurt W. Forster and Jaques Herzog discussed whether architecture theory has come to an end. While Eisenmann and Forster are among the protagonists of the close interweaving of theory and practice in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Jaques […]

A woman with a headscarf and dark sunglasses showing the peace sign is sitting in a car.

Gender Equality: Saudi Arabia allows women to drive

The Kingdom is the last country in the world where woman are not allowed to drive a car. This is about to change. As from the middle of next year, women in the strictly Islamic country are allowed to get a driver’s license. “GLEICHBERECHTIGUNG: Saudi-Arabien erlaubt Frauen das Autofahren” by Adrian Pohr, Veronika Völlinger for […]

"Studierende" or "Studentinnen und Studenten" in a full lecture hall.


Anyone who still speaks of “Studentinnen und Studenten” at German universities stands under suspicion of discrimination. But whether or not discrimination is prevented by using “Studierende” is a different matter. “STUDIERENDE?” by Rainer Paris for Neue Züricher Zeitung – 26.09.2017 […]

Women protest in Pissoirs

Out of protest dozens of Dutch women have symbolically taken possession of urinals on Saturday. Recently a Dutch woman got fined because of peeing in a public street in Amsterdam at night. There hadn’t been a public women’s toilet anywhere close explains Geerte Piening. The court on the other hand argued, that she could have […]