Month: September 2017

Advance Notice: Open House Zürich

OPEN HOUSE ZÜRICH 30.09.2017 – 01.10.2017 in 80 Places around Zürich Different Buildings built by Women can be seen this weekend at Open House Zürich: Elli – Wohnhaus und Atelier […]

Lux Guyer

Lux Guyer was a Swiss architect and one of the first woman to establish her own office. She was born in Zürich in 1894 and she accomplished a lot to […]

The End of Theory for Men?

Symposium – gta 50 –  Debate «The End of Theory?» In the evening of September 28th, Peter Eisenman, Kurt W. Forster and Jaques Herzog discussed whether architecture theory has come […]

A woman with a headscarf and dark sunglasses showing the peace sign is sitting in a car.

Gender Equality: Saudi Arabia allows women to drive

The Kingdom is the last country in the world where woman are not allowed to drive a car. This is about to change. As from the middle of next year, […]

"Studierende" or "Studentinnen und Studenten" in a full lecture hall.


Anyone who still speaks of “Studentinnen und Studenten” at German universities stands under suspicion of discrimination. But whether or not discrimination is prevented by using “Studierende” is a different matter. […]

Women protest in Pissoirs

Out of protest dozens of Dutch women have symbolically taken possession of urinals on Saturday. Recently a Dutch woman got fined because of peeing in a public street in Amsterdam […]