The climate garden in schools

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As a response to the worldwide climate protests of many students, the Plant Science Center has developed a version of the experiment for schools. The Climate Garden 2085 will be integrated into lessons for 3 months. Many students can experience climate change up close and work and research in the garden of the future.

We would like to thank the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment for their support.

Information on the process, structure and implementation:

Instructions for schools (in German)

In 2021, the following schools participate

  • Kantonsschule Rychenberg, Rychenbergstrasse 110, 8400 Winterthur, Contakt: Manuel Rey
  • Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Höhenweg 60, 9000 St. Gallen, Contakt: Herr Gerhardus Breedt
  • Gymnasium Kirschgarten, Hermann-Kinkel-Str.10, 4051 Basel, Contakt: Frau Silvia Schaller
  • Gymnasium, Wirtschaftsmittelschule Thun, Seestrasse 66, 3600 Thun, Contakt: Frau Mirjam Staehli
  • Berufsschule Aarau, Tellistrasse 58, 5001 Aarau, Contakt: Sandra Grenacher
  • Kantonsschule Menzingen KSM, Seminarstrasse 12, 6313 Menzingen, Contakt: Lukas Ryter
  • LBBZ Schluechthof Cham, Bergackerstrasse 42, 6330 Cham, Contakt: Raphael Vogel
  • Anna Zemp Stiftung, Lönerenweg 10, 8708 Männedorf, Contakt: Kaspar Hitz
  • Amt für Landwirtschaft und Natur Inforama, Rötti 5, 3052 Zollikofen, Contakt: Kaspar Grünig

In 2020, the following schools participated:

  • Kantonsschule Rychenberg, Rychenbergstrasse 110, 8400 Winterthur, Contakt: Manuel Rey
  • KS Wettingen, Klosterstrasse 11, 5430 Wettingen, Contakt: Frau Saskia Demir
  • Gymnasium Muttenz, Gründenstrasse 30, 4132 Muttenz, Contakt: Frau Regina Bandi

In 2019, the following schools participated:

  • Gymnasium Muttenz, 00, 4132 Muttenz, Contact: Mrs. Regina Bandi
  • Evangelical Middle School Schiers, EMS 4, 7220 Schiers, Contact: Mr. Manuel Voellmy
  • KS Limmattal, In der Luberzen 34, 8902 Urdorf, Contact: Mrs. Ingrid Wenk-Siefert
  • KS Wettingen, Klosterstrasse 11, 5430 Wettingen, Contact: Mrs. Saskia Demir
  • KS Unterstrass, Seminarstrasse 29, 8057 Zurich, Contact: Ms. Agnes Lüssi

We will be happy to provide you with the contact details on request.

“The climate garden is an impressive and important project. It is impressive because the plants grow really differently. Observing this, measuring the plants, allows the pupils to build a very different relationship to climate change. The project is important because plant growth shows how many parameters are being confused by climate change. It becomes clear that the consequences of climate change are difficult to predict and therefore become so threatening,” says Manuel Voellmy, biology teacher at Ev. Schiers Middle School.

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