More than just data: Online Workshop Series

The amount of data generated in scientific research projects is steadily increasing. For this reason, Data Management (DM) is nowadays an essential component of every research activity. Moreover, most funding agencies require a Data Management Plan (DMP) for new grant applications.

The ETH Library in collaboration with Scientific IT Services (ITS SIS) provide a bi-annual series of workshops to cover all phases of the research data life cycle, from data management planning to active data management, to data re-use, data publication and long term preservation. More info here:

ETH News (5.10.2021)

Six individual workshops

This workshop series comprises six individual workshops which mainly refer to the support, services and infrastructure that exist at ETH Zurich. Participation in all six workshops is recommended, but not mandatory.

  1. Research data management: Basics and how to apply them
  2. Data management planning: How to comply with funders’ and ETH Zurich requirements
  3. Data management and analysis for reproducible research
  4. Open access and data publishing
  5. Working with images in research
  6. Scientific outreach: How to promote your research

Registration required

  • The workshop series in the autumn semester 2021 will be held virtually.
  • We also hold workshops from this series for groups of five people or more. Please arrange a date with us.

Target Audience

  • Doctoral students
  • Postdocs
  • Scientific staff
  • other members of ETH Zurich
  • Please note: for workshop 3, participants should have at least some experience in conducting a research project.


Dr. Caterina Barillari, ITS Research IT Platforms & Dr. Andrei Plamada, ITS Computational & Data Science Support (ITS SIS), IT Services

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