ADMX Template for Adobe Reader/Acrobat

Here is an newly created ADMX-Template for disabling the most dangerous security issues in Adobes Acrobat and Reader. With it, you can disable JavaScript globally for version 7-9 of the mentioned products. There is also an option to block JavaScript functions with an entry into the blacklist. It has been done in ADMX to make use of the new Central Store functionality introduced in Server 2k8 AD.


  1. Hello Mr. Heim,
    i want to use your ADMX Template on Server 2008 R2. Even if i try to edit a GPO become an error “An appropiate resource file could not be found for file \\…\AR-Blacklist.admx (error=2): The system cannot find the file specified.

    Can u help me? Im not able to fix this problem.


    Best regards,


       Reply Posted 16.03.2011, 14:27

    • Hi Daniel,
      where did you put this files on your server?
      They have to go either to the central store, or to %systemroot%\Policydefinitions. Don’t forget to put the language files to their appropriate subfolders too.
      Regards, Nick

         Reply Posted 16.03.2011, 14:37

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