Urban Nature: Between Human and Non-Human

Symposium presented by ETH Zurich, in partnership with  the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), Columbia University, and AIA New York Chapter | Center for Architecture. The symposium will take place at the center for Architecture at New York Chapter.Urban-Nature3Photo: Christian Vogt

“New York is at the forefront of an urban Green Revolution, and the emergence of public spaces like the High Line is emblematic of this transformation. Conversely, Zurich is witnessing the most rapid building boom in its history—and turning gray. What are the implications of these dynamics from design and historical perspectives? Explore new answers in these interdisciplinary panels, challenging notions of “urban” and “nature.” ”

David Benjamin, GSAPP, Columbia University
Elisabeth Bronfen, University of Zurich
D. Graham Burnett, Princeton University
Christophe Girot, ETH Zurich
Janette Kim, GSAPP, Columbia University
Laura Kurgan, GSAPP, Columbia University
Emily Scott, ETH Zurich
Kate Orff, GSAPP, Columbia University
Philip Ursprung, ETH Zurich
Günther Vogt, ETH Zurich
Mark Wigley, GSAPP, Columbia University

www.aiany.org or www.gsapp.org

M2_Water Network

Students:  Alexandre Roulin, Argyro Theodoropoulou

By questioning the past, Alexandre and I found out that the modification of the water network began in the 19th century with the correction of the Linth river. We started our analysis by making some historical maps _ diagrams before and after the construction of the Linth canal, till today. In addition, to get a better understanding of the water network, we analyzed the topography of the valley.  First we generated a 3d model of the valley using the GIS data and then we overlaid the 3d model with the waterlines and calculated the steepness of the water streams. To sum up, we made some observations at the junction of these two systems and we pointed out some possible future aspects. Rhino, Grasshopper and Photoshop were very useful tools throughout the procedure.