Linth Water Park

students: Argyro Theodoropoulou, Angelos Komninos 

Design of a water park along the Linth canal, from lake Wallen to the lake of Zurich.

Linth Water Park



“Through the looking glass”

Considering the small height differences in the valley, the new park-design follows the micro-topographical traces of the old river along the canal. At the same time, the designing phase of the proposal is based on our attempts to solve the flooding problem of the nothern part of the valley and to connect the two opposite sides of the canal.

Microtopographical studyGrayscale represents difference in height leve. From the darkest areas which are the lowest and consequently the most wet, to the brightest whivh are also the highest points in the topography

406_410_Detail milled modelTraces of the old river along the canal. From saga map using GIS data to a milled model generated through grasshopper in Rhino.

Through solving the infrastructural problem of the water network, we design public space for the residents but we also attempt to establish the new water park as a pole of attraction and future developement.

calculation of water stream steepness and direction          fload simulation           tecnical water diagramma croppedCalculation of water stream steepness and dirrection. Flood simulation. New water technical diagram

masterplanMasterplan of the intervention. With blue the new water system and green the new park along Linth canal.

CONNECTIONS FROM DIAGRAM           WATER FROM DIAGRAM 2d           PARK                     infrastructure                      new water system                                      new park

 section bWater slopes designed in the opposite sides of the Linth canal collecting the water from the agricultur and solving the flood problem.

overview render

top view

overvier spring

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