Linth Park, a new network

students: Maki Hasegawa, Gebhard Merk 

overview 1

The basic idea was to widen the Linth Canal and use advantage of  the energy for the the lighting concept in the recreation park. In the meanwhile another goal was the improvement of the corridors for the people and the wild animals in Grynau (linking both Linth areas and the design of a new recreation park between Tuggen and Benken as an attraction for the Linth region.

Basic elements of our design approach were the design of the new bridge over the Linth, the regeneration of  tree lines along to old river courses, as well as the new river course of the Bösch Canal.


Linthebene, movies about landscape perception 

Ecological and networking project area


river Side Structure

– UAV Mapping (photo-copter) for DTM and Orthophoto generation
– Tethered Riverboat (acoustic Doppler current profiler, ADCP) > Measure
the water current velocities over a depth range and the cross-section of
the river
– Milling machine for terrain models
– GIS (geoportal of swisstopo: Geo Map Admin)
– Grasshopper for Simulation of the water amount with data from Bafu.
– RhinoCAD,3dsmax & photoshop for 3D Visualization of the project

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