M5 Video and Photography

Instructor: Susanne Hofer 10366008_670577873021023_862432943252157626_n Within the last MAS LA module we concentrated on exploring video as an experimental tool for analysing, highlighting a certain aspect of our design proposal or as a visualization tool. As guests we welcomed Marie Laverre and Nadine Schütz.

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Our video results _”ORDINARY PLACES”


students:  Maki Hasegawa, Gebhard Merk


“Through the looking glass”

students: Angelos Komninos, Iro Theodoropoulou



students: Sofia Prifti, Jacqueline Frizi


“17 postcards from Linth valley”

students: Alexandre Roulin, George Sarmaniotis



student: Gaganjit Singh



student: Mohamed Abdel Hawab

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