Jørgen Leth

Jørgen Leth was born on June 14, 1937 in Århus, Denmark. He is a director and writer, known for  “The Five Obstruction”  (2003), “The Perfect Human”(1967) and “Life in Denmark”  (1972).

Den danske digter og filmskaber Jørgen Leth i sit jakkesæt fra Armani.        O        the-five-obstructions-2003

Leth studied literature and anthropology in Århus and Copenhagen and was a cultural critic (jazz, theatre, film) for leading Danish newspapers from 1959 to 1968. His first book was published in 1962. He has written 10 volumes of poetry and eight non-fiction books. He made his first film in 1963 and has since made 40 more, many distributed worldwide.

He has been a creative consultat  for the Danish Film Institute (1971–73, 1975–77) as well as chairman of the Institute’s board (1977–82). He has also been a professor at the Danish National Film School in Copenhagen, at the State Studiocenter in Oslo and has lectured at UCLA, Berkeley, Harvard and other American universities.

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66 Scenes from America (1982)warhol_burger_8001

“As a visual narrative 66 scener from America is reminiscent of a pile of postcards from a journey, which indeed is what the film is. It consists of a series of lengthy shots of a tableau nature, each appearing to be a more or less random cross section of American reality, but which in total invoke a highly emblematic picture of the USA.”

66 Scenes from America IMDB

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