Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes

Henry Art Gallery
Seattle, Washington, USA
On view: April 22, 2006 – September 03, 2006

View along boardwalk over restored wetlands to viewing platform overlooking Baker Bay at Cape Disappointment.(Photo courtesy Maya Lin Studio and Gagosian Gallery)


Pin River is a linear view of a river system, composed of tens of thousands of straight pins pushed into the wall to create a flow of silver that is a shadow image of (Photo: arcspace)


Water Line is a line drawing in space of a particular underwater location on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The site rises a few miles from the sea floor and is visible on the surface as Bouvet Island, one of the most remote islands in the world. Working with scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Lin and members of her studio, developed a topographic rendering of the seascape. The rendering was translated into architectural scale and fabricated from quarter-inch diameter aluminum tubes.((Photo: arcspace))


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