W5_Landscape Scenography_ Presentation

presentation WS5

The challenge of the workshop was to explain the concept of our project by visualizing a story line and capturing a specific atmosphere within the site. The software we used were Autodesk 3ds Max, the forest Pack Plugin to give a complete solution for creating vast surfaces of trees and plants and V-Ray for 3dsmax which allowed us to quickly and easily create realistic images. Martin Burr a scenographer and Aron Lornicz who is working for Herzog & de Meuron taught us how to visualize our conceptual ideas and tell a story about our design.


Our Results:

Some Renders

Angelos Komninos, Iro Theodoropoulou_2      gebhard Merk, Maki Hazegawa_1      Angelos Komninos, Iro Theodoropoulou_3

alexandre Roulin, George Sarmaniotis_3      alexandre Roulin, George Sarmaniotis_1      sofia Prifti, Jacqueline Frizi_1

sofia Prifti, Jacqueline Frizi_2      alexandre Roulin, George Sarmaniotis_2      Angelos Komninos, Iro Theodoropoulou_1



students: Angelos Komninos, Argyro Theodoropoulou


students: Sofia Prifti, Jacqueline Frizi


student:Gaganjit Singh


students: Alexandre Roulin, Sarmaniotis George


students: Maki Hasegawa, Gebhard Merk


student: Mohamed Abdel Wahab


Some photos from the first day_Guest Lecture: Martin Burr

first day_3     first day_2     first day_1









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