WS1 _ 3 Days-to-Amaze

instructor Susanne Hofer

During the MAS LA “3 days to amaze” workshop, video camera and editing is used to train the ability to perceive landscape from different angles as well as connecting with new fellow students and teachers.  


video presentation





At first, divided into two groups, we had to record a video which basic theme was scale!


students: Angelos Komninos, Argyro Theodoropoulou, Alexandre Roulin, Maki Hasegawa



students: Jacqueline Frizi,  Gebhard Merk, Sofia Prifti, Mohamed Adel Wahab


Our second exercise was to take some individual pictures in the countryside, in order to demonstrate the way we perceive and place ourselves within a certain landscape.

sof_land_small         Angelos Komninos_small          Argyro Theodoropoulou (IRO)_small

Jacqueline_Frizi_small         george sarmaniotis s          landscape-portrait_ale s

mohamet s         maki



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