Site Visit_02


On our second site visit, on 11th November, we met at Benken and walked down the hill, to  Linth valley. By the time we reached the canal we scanned a small area, using a drone.

sv2__0006_IMG_20131111_150747            sv2__0011_2013-11-11 15-12-08           sv2__0010_2013-11-11 15-31-40 sv2__0003_P1050844           sv2__0001_P1050863           sv2__0002_P1050860sv2__0004_IMG_20131111_155455            sv2__0008_G0017244           sv2__0000_P1050875sv2__0009_G0017000            sv2__0005_IMG_20131111_153649           sv2__0012_PA022948

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