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On the 2nd of October, we had our first visit on the site. We began biking from the “Walensee” along the “Linth Canal” to the Lake of Zurich. The “Linthebene” is the design site for the current  MAS LA program, to which we have already applied and tested different designing tools.

There is more info about the site at : and


sv_0012            sv1__0003_PA022903          sv1__0010_P1050725

sv1__0011_DSC_0036            sv1__0009_DSC_0149          sv1__0008_P1050739 sv1__0000_PA022948            sv1__0007_P1050745          sv1__0006_P1050771 sv1__0005_P1050779            sv1__0004_P1050782          sv1__0001_PA022939

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