Students:Jacqueline Frizi, Maki Hasegawa

jm_06Maki and Jacqueline worked on finding the balance between natural and man-made elements on the site. By noticing, that the vertical connections in the site are mostly man-made, they continued their work through parallel to the Linthcanal expansions of the natural element, such as a renaturalized green and water zone. Vertical dikes would control the water flow and collect the water from the smaller canals in this zone, in order to protect the agriculture zone from flooding and keep it productive.

The work process in Module 1 included a wide range of tools. From sand models in order to form some intuitional ideas to detailed milled models, texturing the different zones. Finally this team presented, some vertical sections with alternatives of the same main idea in sand and foam models

jm_00           jm_02           jm_01    

jm_03           jm_04           jm_07

jm_05           jm_08           jm_09

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