M1_The Island

Students: Alexandre Roulin, Sofia Priftisa_07

At the Module 1 final exercise, Sofia and Alex focused on the design of an island in the site, as a safe place in case of a great flooding. As their design was influenced by the idea of water dynamics, they worked with various sand models, shaping the sand in the same way that the water would erode or accumulate alluvial deposit. Some alternatives of this island came up, following more the water lines.

A major concern was about the edges of the island, so the work process continued in a smaller scale, with a greater detail (milled model). Working in a smaller scale gave them the opportunity to show different kind of edges, varying from soft to hard edges.

sa_00           sa_01           sa_02sa_03           sa_04            sa_05 sa_06           sa_08            sa_09


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