M1_Controlling Chaos

Students: Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Gebhard Merk


Geby and Mohamed, dealt with the variant of landfill, in Module 1, in order to protect the urban space and the agricultural areas against flooding. By focusing between Uznach and Schmerikon, they proposed a new secure residential area and commercial space through the embankment of a continuously rising hill from the lake. This embankment would be constructed by the excavated material from Ricken tunnel.

This team milled a foam model that represented the situation of a hundred-year-flood, and combined it with an amount of sand that represented the excavated material, in order to form many variants of their proposal.

gm_01           gm_03           gm_04 gm_05           gm_08           gm_09 gm_10            gm_11          gm_12


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