* Where and what did you study?
** Do you have any professional experiences?
*** What is your favorite quote?
**** Why are you here at MAS LA program?

Ana Krstulovic – CROTIA

Anastasios Roidis – GREECE

Anna Walewska – POLAND

Claudia Aracci 1984, Padova / ITALY

* MSc in Architecture at the Accademia di Architettura of Mendrisio, Ticino, Switzerland.

** Professional experiences

*** “…and when you want to give something presence you have to consult nature…and that is when design comes in.” Arch. Louis Kahn

**** I’m at the MAS LA ETH to research and experience landscape design in a more direct and personal way experimenting visualization and simulation. As ethnographist Claude Levi Strauss said “the town is perhaps even more precious than a work of art in that it stands at the meeting point of nature and artifice”, this is why I find landscape planning and landscape urbanism so important. I really think that it’s through design that man achieves art and better living conditions getting adapted to its environment and transforming it. We should as well transform it in an intelligent way! So let’s go back learning at the ETH!

Effrosyni Laskari – 1986, Athens / GREECE

*  In 2004 I got accepted in Architecture school of the National Technical University of Athens from where I graduated in November 2010.

** During my studies I got seriously interested in Landscape architecture and all of its aspects, an interest triggered by my stay in Paris for 5 months through the Erasmus program.

*** This interest was followed by a need of further research in the field of Landscape
architecture which, after graduation led me to participate in various workshops and
competitions related to it and finally to apply for this year’s MAS in Landscape Architecture
at the ETH.

Enise Burcu Karacizmeli –  1984, Istanbul / TURKEY

* I hold BA and MSc degrees in Landscape Architecture from Istanbul Technical University. Studied one semester at TU Vienna, and before in Tokyo as a Rotary International exchange student.

** Earlier have worked as an editor in a national architectural magazine for 3 years, and 2 years in different landscape architecture/urban design offices in Istanbul.


Georgios Orfanopoulos – GREECE

Ioulitta Stavridi – GREECE

Karol Kruk –  POLAND

Karolina Katsabi – GREECE

Marina Tsintzeli – 1986, Athens / GREECE

* 2010 graduation with distinction from School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens.

** Since 2009, collaboration with different architectural offices in Athens. Participation in large scale design projects, architectural competitions and workshops related to urban design and landscape.

*** Since the last two years of my studies , an ongoing personal interest focused on urbanised landscapes and the complexity of challenges that the contemporary urban structures should confront with, led me to consider landscape design as an alternative urban future. So, I am in MASLA to extend and to specialize my previous academic knowledge with a solid and up to date theoretical and practical background, concerning landscape design principles.

**** “Falsehood is never in words; it is in things” Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities.

Silke Hartmann – GERMANY

Tania Kaushal – 1987, Punjab / INDIA

* I completed 5 year graduation in the field of architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi.

** Having worked as an Intern with Conservation Architect, Abha Narain Lambah in Mumbai, and Urban Planners Kanvinde, Rai & Choudhury in Delhi, she developed a knack for large scale projects in architecture. In 2010, I won a scholarship by designing an Indo-European cultural center, and worked as an intern at AREPVille, Paris. I then began working as an architect in New Delhi until summer 2012.

***  “Be the change you want to see”Mahatma Gandhi,

**** As a part of her learning experience at MASLA, I would like to educate her peers in India about the different techniques of Landscape Architecture Visualization and research prevailing in this department.

Wolfgang Novak – 1974, Salzburg / AUSTRIA

* Studied architecture at the TU Graz, Austria and one semester at the Ecole d´Architecture de Lille in France.

** Since 2007 working on my own as an architect. Working experience in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Several years of teaching experience in Austria and Germany.

*** I can refer to the title of Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani´s lecture at the Typology Symposium: Dichte Stadt, weite Landschaft, oder: Warum wir nicht so weiter planen und bauen können wie bisher.