Pecha Kucha Night

During the workshop we had a Pecha Kucha Night among us. This one was a little MAS style of Pecha Kucha (means chitchat in Japanese). Everybody or team presented his/her own unfinished thesis projects within the restricted time flow of the Pecha Kucha format.

Susanne and Corina put a great award for the winner that was selected with a voting for the best presentation: 2 editions of Landscript and one of the earlier landscape video collection Blicklandschaften, all published by the chair.

Modul 5 – Landscape Video and Photography

Modul 5 has started with the 3 days workshop that started in Erstfeld where we have been working for the thesis project since the last semester, and ended in Zurich. Corina Rüegg who is an artist and also a former graduate of MAS LA, and Susanne our tutor of landscape film and sound are conducting this module together that will be over by the end of this month.

During the workshop Corina gave us some inputs and a couple of exercises on photography. We also shot videos to be processed in Media Lab with the support of Susanne.

W4 Theoretical Programming

We just returned from the 3 day workshop took place in Riein. Having stayed in a chalet we have not only enjoyed the captivating scenery of Alps and Swiss cuisine but also worked and produced ideas. In every workshop of MAS LA there is a specific theme and this time differently than others we did not deal with a direct aspect of design but seek how design would meet programming. 3th and 4th Modules were a kind of introduction to programming for us where we tried to benefit and test new tools for our design solutions whereas the most recent workshop was an overarching event of the accumulated information.

W3 Landscape Design

The first workshop as a length of Modul 4 has begun today under the guidance of Martina Voser who is a practicing landscape architect and also a former member of the chair. She gave a lecture regarding to her own approach to landscape architecture by showing several projects done by her practice. Among the topics she referred to while discussing the projects, topography, flood, public space, strategies and politics, rule based design, infrastructure were distinguishable. In addition to these contemporary dimensions of landscape architecture today she emphasized one aspect which presents a powerful underpinning approach of the profession that is succession theory. In wiki we trust so here is some information. 

Claudia presenting her video skecth