M5 Video & Photography

„ORDINARY PLACES“ urban exploration with photography and video Goal of the course is to be able to use basic video, photographic montage and video editing tools to analyze, perceive and represent contemporary landscape in all its layers.Through the exploration and comparison of video and photography and the noting of each media’s special qualties we want to give new impulses to landscape design and analysis. In addition we discuss feature, documentary and experimental films regarding visual culture and the influence they have on our perception of landscape and urbanity. In so doing, spatial, temporal, aesthetic and social aspects are to be considered. Working with different media tools elucidates the understanding of our projections on these spaces and examines traces of human intervention. Through filmic or photographic montage we arrive at particular attitudes towards these spaces, that allows us to develop assertions on a contemporary image of natural and urban spaces.

Instructor Susanne Hofer, Corina Rüegg