Landscape Portraits

On Friday we presented previously mentioned 1 minute landscape paintings videos tutored by Susanne Hofer, and landscape portraits exercise by Corina Rüegg. Within this 1 week work we were introduced to video editing and landscape photography that we will utilize a lot throughout the following modules. Here are the presented landscape portraits. Videos will be uploaded soon.


W1 3 Days to Amaze

Between 31.10 – 02.11  we had our first workshop 3 days to amaze together with Suzanne Hofer and the MAS LA teaching team. The workshop site was a secret until we reach and we were not even allowed to speak on the way. Instead we made some notes and sketches, passing through beautiful Swiss landscape by train.

Finally we reached to Einsiedeln, a small town known for its Monastery and agricultural landscapes. Our task was first of all to perceive the landscape and then shoot videos, record sounds within these observations. Before that Suzanne introduced us the cameras and tripods given by the Institute.

During the 3 days we were very lucky about the weather that everyday we encountered a different landscape since the white layer of snow approximately 20 cm began melting the day we came. Besides amazing by the landscape we had a great time full of fun, good food, games and long discussions. Now ready for the second phase of the workshop which is editing the videos!