Plantation with Processing

Here is a video displaying how Tree Dispenser functions. We use an image of our design project in the background, embedded in processing file. And then define the areas where we want to plant different types of trees in processing again. When we run the code mouseclick enables us to draw the clarified information in the background image. Then we export it to be able to use in Rhino and Grasshopper.

M4 Applied Programming

Module 4 has just ended leaving us a large amount of information regarding to programming and landscape visualization. During the module visualization and design have proceeded in parallel with each other and within this framework new tools other than the most common landscape architecture workflow have been widely tested. For the final presentation everybody visualized different aspects of their own design approach that is still currently being developed and will be presented at the end of June. Presentations were held in video format that are accessible below.

Marina Tsintzelli and Efi Laskari

Karol Kruk

Tasos Roidis, George Orfanopoulos and Wolfgang Novak

Claudia Aracci

Tania Kaushal and Enise Burcu Karacizmeli

Silke Hartmann

Anna Walewska

Karolina Katsabi and Ioulitta Stravdi

Tree Dispenser

As soon as the Easter Break ended MAS LA came back to Modul 4 where the landscape visualization is under the scope. While design ideas are still being developed we get to think the plantation decisions too. Georg has developed a software for exactly this phase of design. Tree Dispenser, as he named, is a script that runs in Processing and works together with Grasshopper and Rhino. Developed in Processing it provides applying a variety of species and scattering them on a certain surface. Since the processing file is easily modifiable it is possible to create different plantation strategies.

Processing file enables the definition and modification of the types and representations of the trees on the 2D ground -as seen above- while Grasshopper provides them to project in 3D environment to a certain surface in Rhino. This was one tool we tested while thinking the vegetation within our design projects.