Designing the Process not the Form

In this TED talk Micheal Hansmeyer discusses the architect’s way of designing forms, and then gives a direction to algorithmic design through his way of exploring.

“These forms look elaborate, but process is a very minimal one.”


Powers of Ten

Among the references Pia mentioned during the lecture yesterday Powers of Ten was a discrete one for being seemingly indirect to parametric design. It is a documentary that describes the scale of the universe based on a factor of ten, written and directed by Charles-Ray Eames. This short film is a perfect depiction of the power of numbers and scale, therefore the essence of parametric design.



Apart from this Eames the pioneering figures of modern American design were extremely productive not only in the fields of architecture and industrial design but also graphic and motion images as declared above. I highly recommend the recent documentary film Eames: The Architect&The Painter for those who have interest in.

Manufactured Landscapes

A very interesting documentary directed by Jennifer Baichwal where the Photographer Edward Burtynsky travels the world observing changes in landscapes due to industrial work and manufacturing. I saw it a couple of years ago in Thessaloniki’s documentary festival and I believe it sets a different perspective of what we think the landscape is and means.

A Short History of the GIF

While approaching to the end of the Module II we are testing various representation ways other than the most general ones regarding to landscape. One of these expression tools is GIF format. GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is a compressed motion graphic format consisting of several visuals. Its roots goes back to 1987, and here is a amusing video telling its story by using its very own style.


M2 Starts

After 1 week break subsequent to the eye opening workshop we are back to the track again. M2 that will last for 5 weeks started today with the intriguing introduction by James Melsom. In this module we are going to practice landscape visualization, using the new tools we have been learning.

Terra Nova by Lebbeus Woods

Here are some sample from James’ presentation relating to the visualization with a broad content ranging from historical mapping to ground breaking sketches of Lebbeus Woods.

1 Minute Landscape Painting

We are heading to the end of the workshop 1. On Monday our tutor Suzanne introduced us video editing as well as Final Cut software. As soon as we got the guideline of editing we began processing the collected records in Einsiedeln. We all are quite excited with editing although (or since) this is our very first time. The goal is to make a 1 minute landscape painting.

On Friday 7 teams will present the 1 Minute Landscape Painting videos together with the self-portraits taken in Einsiedeln to the MAS LA team, and also invited critic Axel Hütte. Hütte is a well known German photographer whose work focuses on landscape and nature. Here is some information and sample of his works.