Final Presentation of the M1

Yesterday we presented our final works of the Module 1-Landscape Modelling.

Many thanks to Alexandre Kapellos, Michael Knauss and our chair Professor Girot for their ciritic, and Ilmar Hurkxkens for tutoring us throughout the module.

Our works will be uploaded soon.

Silke Hartmann & Karol Kruk – Natural Landscape Modelling

Tania Kaushal – Resonating Threads – Layers of Landscape

Georgios Orfanopoulos & Anastasios Roidis – Oscillating Landscape


Towards the End of the M1

We are preparing for the presentation of  the MODUL 1 final exercise on Wednesday. For that we are supposed to create our own method in terms of production.

Karolina and İoulitta have produced these models as well as their molds which they will use for a plastic based material.