Tree Dispenser

As soon as the Easter Break ended MAS LA came back to Modul 4 where the landscape visualization is under the scope. While design ideas are still being developed we get to think the plantation decisions too. Georg has developed a software for exactly this phase of design. Tree Dispenser, as he named, is a script that runs in Processing and works together with Grasshopper and Rhino. Developed in Processing it provides applying a variety of species and scattering them on a certain surface. Since the processing file is easily modifiable it is possible to create different plantation strategies.

Processing file enables the definition and modification of the types and representations of the trees on the 2D ground -as seen above- while Grasshopper provides them to project in 3D environment to a certain surface in Rhino. This was one tool we tested while thinking the vegetation within our design projects.

Section versus Video

I have recently discovered Quayola, an audiovisual artist whose works carry an appealing architectural sense. He also uses processing, VRAY and not surprisingly video editing as primary tools. Among his works there are some that I thought could be inspiring for our investigation on interacting the tools we have.




Easter Break

Right now we are on the Easter Break, i assume everybody is having a rest while recharging batteries for the last quarter of MAS LA. The second workshop tutored by James and Louis Fraguada was apparently great that I am extremely regretful for not being participated.

As we are back on 8th we will continue with Module 4 consolidating all the previous and currently experiencing tools. I wish a nice break to everyone.


Scoop It!

Google has just announced that Google Reader is to be shut down by July. This is a sad news for those who use RSS to stay up to date. There are other RSS readers however not as much as handy as Google Reader is. On the other hand we recently discovered a very useful platform for following news in particular interests. Scoop it enables you create your own and specified compilation on the very deep of the web.

We as MAS LA have also a page where we share projects, essays, videos, books and other links we find inspiring relating to landscape architecture and design simulation. You can follow us here.

Moon Sand Modeling the Reuss Valley

Today at the workshop with Martina Voser we modeled a part of our intervention areas in a more structural scale ranging from 1:200 to 1:1000. From now on all the final synthesis projects have a clear design questions that will be tested and detailed until July when the program ends. Here are samples of the works done for and during the workshop.


W3 Landscape Design

The first workshop as a length of Modul 4 has begun today under the guidance of Martina Voser who is a practicing landscape architect and also a former member of the chair. She gave a lecture regarding to her own approach to landscape architecture by showing several projects done by her practice. Among the topics she referred to while discussing the projects, topography, flood, public space, strategies and politics, rule based design, infrastructure were distinguishable. In addition to these contemporary dimensions of landscape architecture today she emphasized one aspect which presents a powerful underpinning approach of the profession that is succession theory. In wiki we trust so here is some information. 

Claudia presenting her video skecth


Second movie screening will be next week on Wednesday. It is again a documentary, this time by Wim Winders. His admiration of Ozu leads Wenders eventually to Tokyo that is the scenery of the cult classics of cult director Ozu. In this documentary he does not only pursue his idol but also try to understand Japanese culture and its rapid transformation after second world war. And the background of the picture is urban landscape of Tokyo.

Interdisciplinary Tools of Landscape Planning and Design

Today was the first day of regular semester as well as the elective course Interdisciplinary tools of landscape planning and design given by Ulrike Wissen from PLUS. We will be working in a riverine zone while learning how to integrate a bunch of design tools in order to create 3D presentations.

And I just came across this site called GIS and Scince that has links to several resource relating to geodesign and GIS. I must say it is overwhelming information, so run your filters if you are interested!