M4 Applied Programming

Module 4 has just ended leaving us a large amount of information regarding to programming and landscape visualization. During the module visualization and design have proceeded in parallel with each other and within this framework new tools other than the most common landscape architecture workflow have been widely tested. For the final presentation everybody visualized different aspects of their own design approach that is still currently being developed and will be presented at the end of June. Presentations were held in video format that are accessible below.

Marina Tsintzelli and Efi Laskari

Karol Kruk

Tasos Roidis, George Orfanopoulos and Wolfgang Novak

Claudia Aracci

Tania Kaushal and Enise Burcu Karacizmeli

Silke Hartmann

Anna Walewska

Karolina Katsabi and Ioulitta Stravdi

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