During the regular modules Fridays are full-time MAS LA days as the lectures, presentations, exercises take place. Yesterday we had another one full of information, inspiration, exploration and joy indeed. While Pia gives a theoretical base to what we are and will be dealing in the forthcoming weeks or months Georg, as the instructor of programming, teaches the tool with its promising opportunities with a very gentle and stoic way. The truth is that we all are eager but also beginners at programming which may cause bizarre questions too, usually raise from girls.


Processing seems to be very easy to grasp and is very welcoming to new users. Just like any other drawing software it requires to be deciphered from many dimensions it contains to be able to accomplish works that can be satisfying. Yet the thing is that processing is neither a vectorial software nor anything like we have used before as architects. Grasshopper in M2 was a good start into this new design language since it has a familiar logic as processing in terms of requiring the command in advance of the line or object as oppose to common 2D-3D drawing tools. So the way of thinking is other way around.

Monday was the very first day of M3 when we learned the basic commands such as opening the paper, changing background color, drawing line in different lengths whereas yesterday was the real start. Georg taught how to make variables that are basically the core of parametric design. Below are anonymous images done with Processing.

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